The G-res Tool

Guidance documents

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): User guide

Upon accessing the G-res Tool, users are invited to read this guidance document and the G-res Tool technical documentation. Please take the time to do so carefully, as many parameters request specific information.

Download the user guide.

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): Technical documentation

This document describes in detail how each of the components of the simple conceptual equation to define the net GHG footprint of  reservoir impoundment have been defined and calculated in the G-res Tool.

Download the technical document.

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): User guidelines for the Earth Engine functionality

This document provides a step-by-step guide describing how to use the Earth Engine functionality and how to link the information obtained with the appropriate fields of the G-res Tool itself.

Download the Earth Engine functionality guidelines.

The GHG Reservoir Tool (G-res): Version updates

The document contains brief details of the additions to each update of the G-res Tool.

Download the version updates document.


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